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You Gotta Have Girlfriends

Story from Travel. Thanks to Instagram, we know all about the vacation habits of our favorite girl gangs, from the Kardashian-Jenner clan to Taylor Swift's posse of models, musicians, and actors. And while they can let loose with multi-million dollar beach rentals and private air fare, we mortals have to do something a bit more low-key. Head to wine country in Argentina, kick back in the Catskills , or hang 10 in Morocco. Whatever you're into, we've got you covered, with a hotel idea for each place. Related Stories.

In Town For The Weekend? Maybe your friends all left town to enjoy the long weekend at a cute Airbnb. Or perhaps your Labor Day weekend getaway is what brought you to New York. The world's largest hotel chain just took a big step toward being more sustainable. The longer we live, the more important our friends become. Do you have a photo of you and your girlfriends cracking up, like any of the photos with this story? Please post photos on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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We want to laugh with you because just imagine all the good juju so much laughter can bring. Without the kind of human contact and intellectual stimulation we take for granted earlier in our lives, we are likely to literally fade away physically, psychologically, and socially.

The failure to maintain quality relationships with others, according to Dr.

David Spiegel, a Stanford professor of psychiatry, is as dangerous to our physical health as smoking. Not only do our girlfriends keep us physically healthy, but their support can also make us well when we are sick. Friends are just as vital to our psychological and spiritual well-being.

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They give us courage, confidence, and understanding; we know that no matter what happens as we age, we are not alone. They give us love, patience, acceptance, and a healthy dose of comic relief for the accumulating absurdities of life.

And we empower each other to achieve and accomplish well beyond the years of past generations. This is what good medicine looks like.

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Our friendships may not have been as important to us earlier in our lives as they will become now. Back in our thirties and forties, we were frantically balancing the multiple demands on our days, and friends developed out of common interests parents whose children were friends with your kids or shared space workplace colleagues.

In our fifties, we open a new chapter in our lives, and we need to nurture those important relationships. Without a circle of trust, we will have a very hard time turning the page. For many of us, it is the most exciting, optimistic, and fulfilling stage. I often hear from women who are amazed to find that they are happier now than ever before—that despite sagging boobs and drifting memories, this is the best time of their lives. To get there, though, we must pass through a period of upheaval as confusing and extended as adolescence.

The two have a lot in common: raging hormones, self-doubt, recklessness, tumultuous relationships, and the looming question of what we will do with the rest of our lives. No matter how independent and resourceful we are, meeting this challenge successfully requires teamwork. And courage. The journey takes us through change and doubt, and the destination is not clear. It is easy to get stuck. That is where our encouraging friends come in.

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She becomes a catalyst for change. Over a long life, full of disruptions, stops, and start-ups, friends can be the collaborators, the instigators who make change possible. They are often the ones who urge us to take a leap, who jump with us or help us scramble back up the other side.

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Unlike husbands or kids, who are often the cause of anxiety, our friends consistently elicit that warm glow, which feels good and soothes anxiety. A Swedish study even found that people with broad networks of friends were the lowest risk group for dementia. Studies of female primates show the same phenomenon: Hanging out with a small but trusted group of other females reduces damaging spikes in stress hormones, reports New York Times writer Natalie Angier.

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When something goes wrong and you start to panic, it is usually your friends who are able to talk you through it versus even the most devoted male partner, whose response is to attack a problem as an enemy to be defeated. Laughing with friends. Laughter may be our most precious gift to each other. In fact, the act of laughing releases endorphins, those feel-good brain chemicals, which means the physical exercise of a hearty laugh is not unlike an orgasm.

Beyond the fun of it all, and the infusion of energy and optimism, those seemingly meaningless get-togethers are crucial to aging well. So pick up the phone right now and make a date to see a friend or your posse of friends. XCVI makes fashion you can live in. Our beauty guru Cheryl Kramer Kaye shares her top products every month — starting with eye creams.

Helping her guy get acclimated to the wonderful world of social media seemed like a good idea, but it sure threw Liane Kupferberg Carter some curveballs. Evidently posing and laughing go together too! Training the younger generation too!