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This historic book may have numerous typos, missing text or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book without typos from the publisher. Not illustrated.

The Greek dramatist of the best age, as we read on unquestionable authority, was wont to produce his tragedies in sets of three together--in trilogies; the addition to such a set of a comic--a so-called satyric play--completed a tetralogy, a combination of four arguments. Better to Beg Forgiveness William Z. Williamson ePub Ripple Creek Book 1.

Macdonald ePub reread Mageworld Book 1. Macdonald ePub reread Mageworld Book 2. Macdonald ePub reread Mageworld Book 3. Darkship Thieves Sarah A. Hoyt ePub Darkship Series. Darkship Renegades Sarah A. The Road to the Rim A. To Prime the Pump A. The Hard Way Up A. The Broken Cycle A. Well try as I might, this all I had in me.

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This is the third year I have had an ereader and you as see I have pretty much converted totally. Synching books between my iPad, iPhone and Sony ereader makes having a book convenient to hand when I want one pretty much guaranteed. Speaking of which, I applaud Tor for going DRM-free and now my two favourite SF publishers now are providing their front and backlists for my reading pleasure without me have to resort to hacking the DRM.

In addition, most of my books are still in boxes so I have had to acquire digital versions of some of the books I already owned, as well a bunch that I read in the distant past. I now have books in my digital library and acquire more constantly. I love the ease and convenience of buying them online, but I have to say, someone, somewhere, needs to build a better online bookstore.

They all pretty much universally suck. It is the only thing I really miss about paper books: browsing and reading jacket copy. All my books are now in epub format although I had to convert a few. I stand absolutely opposed to the proprietary nature of the emerging ebook landscape. Although a bit clunky and with an interface far from polished, I highly recommend Calibre as your digital library management tool.

Manage books and meta data, synch to all your devices, convert formats and even remove DRM automatically. Oh, and free with a great support community. Calibre removes the restriction that the bookselling industry now unfortunately overrun buy soulless multinationals is trying to impose on consumers. Again I applaud Baen as a publisher that is trying to keep the industry from becoming solely the purview of big box mentality. Tor is soon to open their own ebook store and more and more publishers and indeed authors are offering their wares on their own sites and in this age of Google and easy access to information and knowledge, I hope that we start to shop around and not make ourselves slaves to Amazon, Apple or Kobo.

All of my books have been acquired legally except for a few, which I am in the process of replacing with legitimate copies. I note that you get what you pay for and the few copies of ebooks I have acquired for free were chock full of errors, formatting glitches and bad typography.

Bound by Danielle E. Gauwain

What I read in I recorded my reading in and decided to do it again in The count is slightly higher this year, although given my lack of gainful employment for a portion of the year it really should be more. The Shadowed Sun N. Jemesin Dreamblood Book 2 — ebook;. Spartan Planet A.

Bertram Chandler John Grimes — ebook;. The Inheritors A. The Big Black Mark A. Bertram Chandler John Grimes — ebook; reread. The Far Traveler A. Star Courier A. To Keep the Ship A.

Herakles' Apotheosis in Lost Greek Literature and Art - Persée

Star Loot A. The Anarch Lords A.

Blood Bound An Unbound Novel

The Last Amazon A. The Wild Ones A. Catch the Star Winds A. Terms of Enlistment Marko Kloos — ebook self-published ;. Schmitz — ebook;. Wentworth Jao Empire Series Book 1 — ebook;. Wentworth Jao Empire Series Book 2 — ebook;. Hoyt Shifter Series Book 1 — ebook;. Stand By For Mars! Galactic Bounty William C. Dietz Sam McCade Book 1 — ebook;.

Danger in Deep Space! Once again my move to ebooks has been made manifest: I read zero bound books this year. My eyes are getting bad and changing type size for light conditions is a bonus. I did take a few bound books along on trips as a backup but never needed them. I added a Nexus 7 Android to my collection of readers and synch that from Calibre still awesome!

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I mean the reviews are worthless and you actually have to use it to read something to test out the functionality properly; that makes a quick and obvious choice almost impossible. I also did more reading on my iPhone this year: generally when I was waiting in line or had a few moments to myself. It has a bluetooth connection to my iPhone so I can just have it start up the book whenever I am driving alone.

I suppose I might add another book to the total based on that experiment but we will leave that question to next year. This year most of my purchases were either Baen or Kobo.

  1. Hermes the Olympian (The Trismegistus Trilogy).
  2. Business Wargaming: Securing Corporate Value.
  3. Books by D. Wallace Peach | Myths of the Mirror.
  4. Great Australian Droving Stories (Great Australian Stories).

I did pick up a few from a new venture Open Road Media but their list is still pretty limited. I admit to spending time in Chapters for research and then coming home and downloading the books. Really… have the engineers and programmers at Kobo never been to a books store?

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It is totally worth the extra money to read a book early. But damn, sometimes it hard to wait for a book to come out. You can see that the lack of a good editor does affect the overall quality but all in all the books were definitely readable and nowhere near as bad as the worst of the traditionally published books I have encountered.

I have picked up the Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey for the new year and have great hopes; it has had rave reviews. According to Calibre I made 77 acquisitions since January 1st I think my spending has actually gone up since I forsook paperbacks. Many years ago, sometime in the early 70s growing up in the English suburbs of Montreal, I started to read voraciously.