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This workbook is designed to help you open the door to questioning, explore painful feelings, and develop the skills needed to be a happy and grounded adult.

Adoption Laws

The Adopted Teen Workbook teaches powerful self-resiliency, mindfulness, and somatic skills to help you explore your unique identity as an adopted teen. This workbook begins with your first recognition of having been adopted and the feelings that come with that. You will then explore memories of the past and begin work on understanding emotions of anger, shame, and loss. Adopted: the Ultimate Teen Guide. Full of stories, pictures, artwork — this up-to-date resource will help adopted teens move on to stable and happy lives as adults.

And for parents, an extensive afterword discusses the unique practical and emotional dimensions of adoptive children and their families, with suggestions for answering the most challenging questions. Because of You is a heartwarming children's book about growing families through adoption.

This beautiful family love story is told with amazing full color artwork that even the youngest readers will enjoy. Billy Says. A set of six full colour picture books guiding children aged through the process of fostering and adoption, by focusing on the experiences of a five-year-old girl called Kirsty and her magic doll Billy.

Billy helps Kirsty to understand what is happening to her and to make sense of her complicated feelings. This set is ideal for use by social workers, foster carers, adoptive parents and counsellors to help children aged to understand the fostering and adoption process and to cope with the complex feelings that can arise.

Bringing Asha Home. It's Rakhi, the Hindu holiday special to brothers and sisters, and Arun wishes he had a sister with whom to celebrate. Soon it looks as if his wish will come true. His parents are going to adopt a baby girl named Asha. She is coming all the way from India, where Arun's dad was born. The family prepares for Asha's arrival, not knowing it will be almost a year until they receive governmental approval to bring Asha home. Arun is impatient and struggles to accept the long delay, but as time passes he finds his own special ways to build a bond with his sister, who is still halfway around the world.

With warmth and honesty, this tender story taps into the feelings of longing, love and joy that adoption brings to many families. Readers will find reassurance knowing there is more than one way to become part of a loving family. Can I Tell You about Adoption? A Guide for Friends, Family, and Professionals. Meet Chelsea — a young girl who is adopted. Chelsea invites you to learn about adoption from her perspective and introduces us to two friends of hers who have been transracially adopted. Chelsea and her friends help children understand what it means to be adopted, the experiences and challenges that follow the adoption process, and how they can help.

Cleo Edison Oliver — Playground Millionaire. Cleopatra Edison Oliver has always been an entrepreneur, just like her inspiration, successful businesswoman Fortune A. So when Cleo's fifth-grade teacher assigns her class a "Passion Project," Cleo comes up with her best business idea yet: the finest "tooth-pulling" company in town. But even the best made plans, by the best CEOs, go awry sometimes. A minor barfing incident during a tooth-pulling operation causes Cleo to lose customers.

Caylee, initially enthusiastic about the business, grows distant as Cleo neglects their friendship in lieu of getting more customers. And when a mean classmate makes fun of Cleo for being adopted, everything comes crashing down. Will she be able to rescue her business, salvage her friendship with Caylee, and discover that her true home has been here all along? Phoebe Koehler's simple affectionate words and soft, rich pastels combine to create the perfect read-aloud for adoptive parents to explain the adoption experience to even the youngest children.

During the most difficult summer of her life, Ellen finally begins the search for her birth mother. The results are surprising, moving and often very funny, turning life upside down in more ways than one. When he cries, they do not understand why. When he yells, they do not know what to do.

When he misbehaves, they do not know how to react. Forever Fingerprints is an uplifting children's picture book about an adopted child who realises that her fingerprints alone give her a special connection to her birth parents. And he gets it. He is incapable of stopping his stealing, hoarding, lighting fires, aggressive running, and obsession with electricity.

Ten Things to Think of When Adopting An Older Child

He knows his parents love him, but he feels While his parents agonize, Jaden is more interested in the toddlers. One, a little guy named Dimash, spies Jaden and barrels over to him every time he sees him.

Jaden finds himself increasingly intrigued by and worried about Dimash. Already three years old and barely able to speak, Dimash will soon age out of the orphanage, and then his life will be as hopeless as Jaden feels now. Happy Adoption Day! This uplifting book commemorates the day when a child joins an adoptive family.

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These verses reassure adopted children they are special. This adaptation of McCutcheon's song comes complete with musical notation. Ruby, a spirited horse, never felt loved by her previous owners.

She misbehaved all the time and eventually each owner sent her off to a different farm. One day she arrived at Meadow Green, a wonderful farm with many other horses. She thought for sure that she would be sent away again to another farm, so she continued to misbehave there. It took some time but Ruby realized that bad behavior was not the right way to get attention. Ruby learned that her new home with her new family was exactly where she wanted to be. Through Ruby, children will see the importance of relationships and how to get along with a new family.

At the end of the book there are helpful tips to open up discussions for parents, educators and children on adjusting to a new home. Sam has a joyful story to tell, one completely her own, yet common to millions of families — the story of how she was adopted.

Realities of Foster Care

Most of all, it's a story about love. How Nivi Got Her Names. Nivi has always known that her names were special, but she does not know where they came from. One sunny afternoon, Nivi decides to ask her mom. The stories of the people Nivi is named after lead her to an understanding of traditional Inuit naming practices and knowledge of what those practices mean to Inuit people.

Sprinkle the pig has moved to a new house, with a new family, but he misses his old family. On his first day at school his classmate yells at him, and everything gets too much. He cries and cries, and soon the tears become a river and carry him away!

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Wise monkey spots Sprinkle, but he is too far away. Can he help Sprinkle to find hidden strengths to survive the river of tears? This therapeutic picture book is written to help children aged and adults to talk about being separated from or losing loved ones, and explores how difficult experiences can affect how your body feels and reacts to things. It is followed by easy to read advice for adults on how to help your child. I Wished for You: an Adoption Story.

Heartbreak, hope and healing: A Young Mother's Adoption Story

Journey Home. Lawrence McKay, Jr. Just Right Family: an Adoption Story. Meili, who is six years old and adopted from China, learns that her parents are going to adopt a baby from Haiti. Why do they need a new baby?

15 Stories That Capture What It's Like To Be Adopted

Their family is just right as it is. As Meili learns more about her new sibling and the importance of being a big sister, will she realize that a new addition can be just right for their family too? Lucy's Family Tree. Lucy's adoption from Mexico makes her feel as though her family is too "different," but her parents gently and wisely challenge Lucy to think some more about it and to find three families that are the "same. Maggie can't wait to show her friends the picture of her soon-to-be adopted sister, but she is mortified by their reaction.

Maggie Can't Wait features a little girl with a big imagination as she dreads the arrival of a new adopted sister and learns how easy it is to make up her own mind. A Mama for Owen. Owen the baby hippo and his mama were best friends. They loved to play hide-and-seek on the banks of the Sabaki River in Africa. That was all before the tsunami came and washed Owen's world away. But after the rain stops, Owen befriends Mzee, a grayish brown tortoise.

He plays with him, snuggles with him, and decides he just might turn out to be his best friend and a brand-new mama.