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Between and Grace Crowley painted an extraordinary series of geometric abstract paintings, among the first in Australia. The entire composition is unified through the use of coloured lines that weave their way under and around the composition. Abstract painting has a jazz-like energy where dissonant elements are held within a dynamic rhythm.

Born into a conservative pastoralist family from northern New South Wales, Crowley pursued an unconventional course in her life and art that saw her become one of the leaders of the modern movement in Australia.

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In , after four years of study in Paris, Crowley returned to Sydney with a sophisticated knowledge of Cubism. Curtis manages to illuminate how Hartigan was never a pure abstract expressionist or action painter, nor was she ever a Pop artist a movement she despised for its lack of vital emotion , but she cultivated and even invented some of the best traits of these American styles in the s. Although the biography covers an important and fascinating period in the life of Hartigan and the American art scene of the twentieth century, it is perhaps most valuable for the light it sheds on the long and hitherto somewhat obscure period, beginning in the s, when Hartigan left New York for Baltimore.

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A very exact picture of what this original smaller oval looked like can be had from an enamel miniature now in the National Portrait Gallery, which seems to coincide with the X-ray image in every particular. Expert opinion on the whole now doubts the attribution to Zincke, and J.

Norman Rockwell Documentary

Murrell of the Victoria and Albert Museum has kindly suggested that the inscription looks stylistically later than However, he considers that the date could be an accurate record of the date the miniature was painted, and Rouquet, who worked in the style of Zincke, as a possible attribution. This would suggest that the Tate Gallery portrait could have been begun around this date: certainly the energetic handling of the wig as shown in the X-ray is very close to that of the unfinished self-portrait at Yale, which has always been considered an early work.

One can only speculate as to the reasons why Hogarth changed his image in so radical a manner by From these had to submit to the oeil-de-boeuf format, in which the engraver gave the portrait an elaborate three-dimensionally conceived surround that usually incorporated emblematic items like the artist's tools in the foreground.

In the majority of cases the artists presented themselves not in conventional dress, but in casual artist's attire. The bait soon took; and no Egyptian Hieroglyphic ever amused more than it did for a time. Painters and Sculptors came to me, to know the meaning of it, being as much puzzled with it as other people, till it came to have some explanation. Main menu additional Become a Member Shop.

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Walk Through British Art: Free entry. Artist William Hogarth — Medium Oil paint on canvas. Dimensions Support: x mm frame: x x 78 mm. Collection Tate.