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During the class, participants learn to:.

Evidence-Based Exercise Falls Prevention Programs

There is no cost to attend workshops, however, registration is required. Class format is small group discussion; spaces are limited to 14 participants per workshop. Each year, millions of older adults aged 65 and older fall.

Physical/Exercise Programs

While falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older Americans, they are not an inevitable part of aging. Fortunately, many falls are preventable with regular exercise and preventative care. Knowing your fall risk is an important first step in preventing future falls. Talk with your health care provider about an individual fall risk assessment.

The best way to reduce your chance of falling is to find the combination of strategies that address your individual fall risk. Here are some of the most effective ways to reduce falls:.

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Senior Fall Prevention | Fall Prevention Checklists, Tips & Facts for the Elderly

This workshop is appropriate for older adults who:. Information about car seat safety. Free car seat inspections. Senior Fall Prevention.

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UC Davis Health recognized with a 4. National Cancer Institute "comprehensive" designation.

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After all, the fact that falls are a serious problem for seniors, their families, and communities, is hardly news. For senior living communities, many options are available to address these risk factors and thereby decrease the number of falls throughout their population. We know that older adults with mobility impairment have an increased risk of falls.

We also know that improving the mobility of residents with moderate to severe mobility impairment may increase their level of independence and reduce their burden of care on staff. Sounds great, right? For many people, increased mobility comes with confidence in their ability to engage in a wider variety of activities.

A Matter of Balance – Fall Prevention Program

But, without improved strength and balance to support those new activities, the person can inadvertently increase their risk of falling. Since a fall is almost certain to decrease mobility, a vicious cycle is born. One step forward and two steps back. One of the most effective ways to combat a lack of muscle strength, balance, and limited mobility is through Progressive Resistance Training, or PRT.

In clinical trial after trial, PRT has been proven to have a significantly positive effect on muscle strength.


And muscle strength has a significant effect on fall prevention. Treatment was randomized, with 72 participants receiving progressive resistance and balance training the exercise group and receiving usual care.

Medical Mondays: Preventing Falls Among Seniors

Twice a week for a total of 25 weeks, participants in the exercise group received 60 minutes of progressive resistance training on HUR Fitness Machines plus balance exercises.