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Alec sees how accepting his colleagues are of Ed's sexuality and for the first time he understands how much he's really missing. The book could have sunk into family melodrama, but that didn't happen. Ed is the catalyst for Alec's decision to stop hiding and to stand up to his father. He refuses to be lonely and ashamed anymore. As the book progresses, Alec and Ed grow closer; they are lovers first, friends second, partners last and forever. The Law of Attraction is the perfect office romance : strong MCs, hot sex in inappropriate places, workplace camaraderie, and a smoldering undercurrent of un fulfilled sexual tension it's hard to concentrate when you've known your boss in the biblical sense.

Included and not optional: scary spiders, proper pubs, supportive brothers, and little sisters who ask awkward questions. The book starts with a BANG and ends with a celebration. Champagne all around! View all 92 comments. Feb 05, Judith rated it it was amazing. Alec is a lawyer,in his thirties and is gay but definitely not out. He's so far in the closet that he's never had a relationship before,preferring hook ups only on his terms.

Ed is in his twenties,an up and coming lawyer,and is out and proud with a loving supportive family. So,one night,Alec is looking for a hook up when he sees Ed. Ed is not normally one for one night stands but there's something about Alec he can't resist. They have a steamy night together with Alec dismissing him in the morning. Imagine their surprise when on Monday they find they are working together with Ed joining the firm Alec works in.

Alec is terrified his secret will come out so tries to distance himself from Ed Alec wants to keep their relationship secret but Ed has been there and doesn't want that again. This makes Alec re-evaluate his life. I loved this story Alec and Ed are such likeable characters in their own way. Highly recommended View all 72 comments. Once again Jay Northcote delivered an enjoyable read that will warm your heart and make you smile and swoon.

This time she did it with a sexy and sweet office romance, low in angst and drama written in dual POV.

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Things get interesting to say the least when Alec finds out his last one-night-stand is his new employee. Ed never expected his new boss to be the man who blew his mind in bed days ago. Alec and Ed decide to keep a professional relationship, but as days pass by they realize the chemistry between them is stronger than before and keeping their hands off each other is impossible.

I really enjoyed this one! It was the perfect blend of sweetness and sexiness, with two strong, endearing characters, great storyline and a lovely romance. Both men were well portrayed, had depth and like I mentioned above were likeable from the beginning. Seeing Alec struggling with everything — his sexual orientation and later his feelings for Ed was almost heartbreaking. I really sympathize with him and finding out about happened with him years ago was pretty sad.

Ed was sweet and accepting from the beginning which I really liked about him.

Their interactions considering the situation they are in felt believable. The connection between them is palpable from the start and I enjoyed how they went from friends to lovers. The sexy scenes between them were sweet or hot and I enjoyed every single one of them. Love the sexual tension between them which was fantastically done. I truly loved these two in and out of bed. Overall a sexy, romantic office romance that will keep you entertained from start to finish!

View all 37 comments. Dec 27, Gigi rated it really liked it Shelves: mm-contemporary , mm-business-men , mm-healing-comfort. It ended sweet and romantic and the sex was extra spicy.

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But I did have to knock it a half star for Alec's douche-baggy actions in the first have of the book. He was such a shit to sweet Ed from the get-go. But he did manage to win my over. How he won Ed over is the work of fiction. The book ended a little too perfect for my tastes. I would have enjoyed more tears and comfort, but this is a solid hot, warm fuzzy read that I can recommend to my GR friends.

View all 4 comments. My lawyer story. View all 11 comments. Dec 27, Ele rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favorite-mm-books , gay-book-reviews , hottest-man-on-man-action , favorites.

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Office romances are my weakness. I 've been waiting for a good MM office romance for ages. I wanted it and I wanted it bad. No, I craved it with my whole being.

I even wrote a prompt , for this year's DRitC event. Jay Northcote, you didn't know it at the time, but you wrote this story for me. This was everything I expected and wanted to see in an office romance: One night stand that turns out to be the boss. Said boss acts like a douchebag , but has a wounded heart. Sexual tension d Office romances are my weakness. Sexual tension during office hours. Angry -push you onto the desk- office sex.

Fun and easy banter between colleagues in the workplace. Stolen glances during Happy Hour at the local pub. Alec is successful, rich, and hot. He lives for his job and he is aiming to make partner at the law firm he works for. He's, also, so far in the closet, he can't see the way out. And so lonely Ed is at the beginning of his career in law. He's a funny, upbeat and hard working person.

Have you tried erotic literature?

Also, he's out and proud! A one-night stand that shows up in the office. Who would have thought that the gorgeous man Alec hooked up with on Friday night, would show up next week as the new temp for the case he's working on? Can we take a minute here to appreciate the awesomeness of that first sex scene? The passion of that first time, the frenzy of exploring each other's bodies, the feeling that this could be the start of something amazing, if only things were different Now, the two of them must work together without giving in to temptation. There are so many things that could have gone wrong in this story, but everything about Alec and Ed's relationship was handled in a way that worked so well for me.

I loved and I was very moved by Alec's journey to accept himself , come out, and face the monsters in and out of his closet. Ed is there for him every step of the way, not always as a lover, but definately as a friend. I loved how Ed stood his ground and remained true to himself , refusing to be Alec's dirty secret. Alec pushes him, but Ed pushes back. And I absolutely adored that Alec and Ed's love was put on hold , until Alec felt ready to make room for it in his life. Scorching and meaningful sex scenes, characters that act mature and actually talk , a romantic yet bittersweet weekend in Edimburg and what better HEA, than Alec and Ed celebrating their love among friends?

This book goes straight to my "favorites" shelf, and I have no doubt it will be in my Top Ten favorite books for Highly recommended!

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View all 41 comments. Solid 4 Stars!

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Jay is pretty much a 4 star author for me. I always like her books, but they never have that "thing" to make it a 5 star read. But I can always count on them to be good, relatively low angst and full of some good steam.

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This one was no exception. And we have the added element of the office romance, which was a definite plus. I liked both MCs overall, Alec was a bit of a dick in the beginning. Ed was perfect throughout the whole book.

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It was a bit of insta-love IMO. The potential fo Solid 4 Stars! The potential for drama was there, but I am pleased to say that it never really came to fruition. I liked how everything between Alec and Ed played out.