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Teo, and Vivien K. Continued use of intelligent decision aids and auditor knowledge: qualitative evidence , Micheal Axelsen. Lim, Theophanis Stratopoulos, and Tony Wirjanto. Coordinating service composition , Benjamin S. Blau, Tobias Conte, and Thomas Meinl.

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Ron Babin and Dr. Brian Nicholson. Pan, Gary Pan, and Dorothy E. Critical governance concerns of Thailand e-government procurement , Rotchanakitumnuai Siriluck. Cross-contextual use of integrated information systems , Jarulaitis Gasparas and Eric Monteiro. Crowdsourcing , Larissa Hammon and Hajo Hippner. Rab, and Michael Sinnet. Oakley and A. Giaglis, and Pouloudi Nancy.

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Simons, J. Felix Hampe, and Nick A. Williams, and Petra Schubert. Chevers, Annette M.

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Mills, and Evan W. Briggs, and Helmut Krcmar. Davison, Booi Kam, and Kosmas X. Bernroider, and Stefan Koch. Does culture matter? Does Governance Matter? Plomp, Ronald S. Batenburg, and Pim den Hertog. Does it Pay Off to Bid Aggressively? Does Technology use Change when in a Developed Country?

Do Hackers Seek Variety? Zhao, and Xin Li. Ringle, Marko Sarstedt, and Detmar W. Editor's Comments: Use , Detmar W. Straub and Manlio del Guidice. Kasimati and Efpraxia D. Effective Application Maintenance , James D. McKeen and Heather A. Yi and Jincheul Jang. Effects of Web 2.

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Williams, and Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi. H Teo, and Vivien K. Ditsa and Sunday O. Elearning Promoting Plagiarism Or Honesty? Elicitating, modeling, and processing uncertain human preferences for software agents in electronic negotiations: An empirical study , Fabian Lang, Guido Schryen, and Andreas Fink. Chariar, L. Das, and Girijia Krishnaswamy.

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Empirical Analysis of Web 2. Wang and Neil C. H Teo, and Mark Goh. Lankton and Harrison D. Executives and Smartphones: Friend or Foe? Zamani, Panos E. Kourouthanassis, Dimitrios C. Karaiskos, and George M. Teo and Nick Letch. Facebook News Feed: Relevance or Noise? Gilbert Silvius and Taco Dols. Iversen and Michael E. Formatics , Paul Beynon-Davies. Vance Wilson. From business case to value case - Assessing the organizational value of it investments , Jane Frisk. Jiang, Jacob C.

Tsai, Gary Klein, and Stacie Petter. Functionality vs. Security in IS: Tradeoff or Equilibrium? Gender and website design across cultures , Dianne Cyr. Bons, Ronald M. Lee, and Vu Hoang Nguyen.

Generative mechanisms for innovation in information infrastructures , Bendik Bygstad. Erickson, Eileen M. Trauth, and Irene Petrick. Habit Formation in Twitter , Ivy L. Liu, Christy M. Cheung, and Matthew K. Hanging with the right crowd: Matching crowdsourcing need to crowd characteristics. Von Kortzfleisch. Health information portals: How can we improve the user's search experience? How can we measure Email Overload?


Seddon, Dora Constantinidis, and Harjot Dod. How factors affecting selection of implementation approach influence ERP system implementation costs , Bjorn Johansson and Frantisek Sudzina. How online trust influence B2C e-Commerce adoption? An empirical study among Asian online shoppers , Surej John. How the scale and consistency of change influence the ease and benefits of introducing multi-organisation shared services , Mark Borman and Frank Ulbrich. Seddon, Peter J. Reynolds, Leslie P. Willcocks, and Peter Mahler.

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McLean, M. Identity in information systems , Uri Gal and Annemette Kjaergaard. Milton, and Chris Keen. Individual Relationships with Technology , Kit Scott. Information Management Issues and Challenges in an Enterprise 2. Tootell, and Peter Hyland. Williams, and Catherine A.