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The Dream Maker has insurmountable knowledge and insight. He acts as a kind guardian to the Noops of the village, Wutts of the forest and is compassionate in supplying dreams they enjoy.

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Of the heroes, he is arguably the most pacifistic, shown more willing to bargain or negotiate with Zordrak's army, he is however, not above playing slightly sadistic pranks on them. His characterization differs slightly in early episodes, presented as more whimsical and something of a crotchety old fool, being more befuddled and oblivious to the Urpneys' schemes, usually with Albert playing a more perceptive straight man to it all.

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In later episodes however, his wise qualities become more dominant, usually acting as a stern but caring authority figure for the Noops. The Dream Maker has an advanced vocabulary, and usually speaks in pronounced, complicated dialogue. In the second season, the Dream Maker's attire was altered slightly, looking less decrepit and scruffy and more dignified and majestic.

The Dream Makers 志在四方 Episode 1 第一集 [FULL EPISODE]

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