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Rappahannock County High School provides dual enrollment opportunities in a variety of formats for those students meeting all eligibility requirements.

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Students can enroll in dual enrollment courses scheduled exclusively for high school students at their home school. Generally these courses are taught by high school teachers who are also qualified to teach college level courses. Students can also enroll in day or evening courses scheduled at Lord Fairfax Community College.

There are fees associated with earning Dual Enrollment college credit. If interested in participating, please contact guidance counselors Jason Gochenour or Dani Pond. All high school juniors and seniors who are 16 years or older and who are prepared for the demands of college-level coursework are eligible to enroll if they:.

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Technology serving area school divisions including Rappahannock County, for students in grades 11 and. The program challenges gifted students to reach their full potential as independent thinkers capable of assuming leadership roles in a constantly changing global society. Rappahannock County students should contact their guidance office for admission requirements and application procedures. The Virtual Advanced Placement School offers televised and on-line courses in English, government, calculus, statistics, U.

History, chemistry, biology, Spanish, human geography, economics, psychology, and physics. Rappahannock County Public School students may only take Virtual Advanced Placement courses that are not offered or available to students at the high school they attend. Special situations will be considered on an individual basis at the high school.

Priority enrollment will be given to students in grades Students in the 12 th g rade are eligible to participate in a work release program. These students must take at least two academic courses each semester to qualify for work release. Below are the guidelines for the required hours for work:.

Two periods of work study-must work at least 15 hours per week. One period of work study-must work at least 7. All teaching assistants must be approved by the administration. Grading Scale. Rappahannock County Public Schools use letter grades on report cards and transcripts.

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The following grading scale equates the grade earned in a class to the equivalent letter grade and point value:. Class Grade. Letter Grade. Grade Points. Students may drop or add a course up to the first day of each term. To be eligible for any Virginia High School League VHSL sport or activity, students must meet the following requirements during the term they participate:.

The student must qualify as a bona fide student under the VHSL guidelines. The student must be enrolled in at least three subjects. The student must have passed at least three subjects for credit the previous term. We strongly encourage parents to purchase health insurance in case of injuries. This form, which must be submitted each school year, permits students to participate the entire year. Note: Students will. Planning, managing.

Planning, services for. Planning, managing,. The production,. Careers in designing,. Designing, producing,.

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  7. Business Management. Business Management and Administration career opportunities are available in every. Planning, management,. Preparing individuals. Building Linkages in IT.

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    Environmental Science. Building Management I. Welding II. Newspaper Creative Writing Imaging Technology. US Government. AP US Government. Nursing I Nursing II. Culinary I Culinary II. Any and all Science or Math courses.

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    Power and Transportation. Energy and Power. Small Engine Technologies. Agricultural Mechanics. Eight h Grade Coursework. This course examines the relationship between social, economic, and geopolitical development across time and place. Course objectives include the study of characteristics and distribution of populations and their effect on physical and human environments using inquiry, practical, and presentation skills.

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    An end-of-course SOL test will be administered. This class is an exciting exploration of the physical and chemical principles that govern our daily lives.

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    The goal of the class is to become aware that everything we see, hear, touch, and smell involves physical science. The class will examine the what, why, and how of things around us. Additionally, the class will explore and investigate scientific topics that will help make us become critical thinkers. Much of what we will do involves labs and group work. Students will prepare to take the Science 8 SOL in the spring.

    In eighth grade English, all of the essential skills such as sentence formation, mechanics, spelling, paragraph construction and essay writing skills are covered. Math 8 consists of reinforcing and learning many skills. These skills include order of operations, using integers with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, solving equations and inequalities, factors and fractions, exploring rationals with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing patterns, graphing equations and inequalities, proportions and percents, statistics and graphs, probability, and measuring area and volume.