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God feared that human intolerance for difference would undermine the sanctity of the Mishkan. As we strive to create holy communities, we have the responsibility to examine the stigma and shame that lurk beneath the surface of our Jewish texts, our communities and institutions. How do we relate to ourselves and to others when bodies, appearances, mental health, and family structures diverge from social norms? It is our responsibility not only to witness, but also to celebrate the holiness of the variety of human ability and experience in Jewish community.

In this way, we can create a world of dignity, accessibility, and possibility for all. While the negativity and stigma surrounding infertility are diminishing in mainstream Judaism, the disappointment and helplessness that many experience can feel like cruel punishment. The physical and emotional losses settle in like death. Infertility is deeply disempowering, and it can isolate one from community and God. Remaining in Him is more than just spending time praising Him and praying to Him. The verse above tells us that it also involves His word remaining in us.

We have to know His word and this word has to remain or make an impact in our lives. It is not just in through one ear and out the other. Do you have a regular time of reading God's word and is the word making an impact in your life? Have you been making changes to your life on the basis of what you read in the Bible or is it all head knowledge? Why is personal holiness so important in winning souls?

Because if we have a bad character, people will look at us and do not want to be Christians. Now remain in my love. John NIV If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father's commands and remain in his love.

More Prayers for Fruitfulness

Finally remaining in Him also means remaining in His love. When we remain in His love, He blesses our tasks and we become fruitful. We remain in His love by obeying His commandments. Have you been allowing God to correct your life? Do you have a regular time of confession and making your life right before God?

Illustration A criminal was caught and sent to prison. While there, he heard the Gospel and became a Christian. His life completely changed. Because of good behavior he was released earlier. As he was leaving, the chaplain handed him a letter written by another prisoner. It said, "I came to this place despising both preachers and the Bible.

When you told me you were saved, I said to myself, 'There's another one pretending to be a Christian just to get an early parole'; but I've been observing you for a couple of years, and your testimony is true. I kept track of you when you were in the yard exercising or working in the shop or eating your meals.

Now I'm a Christian, too, because I watched you! The Savior who saved you has saved me! John NIV I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. We are not servants who carry out tasks without knowing what the master has in mind.

Jesus considers us His friends and He wants to make known His Father's strategy. God wants us ask Him to show us His strategy on how we can be more effective in winning souls for Him. Thus, Casta Conubii and the Catholic Church implicitly endorse wife-beating. Verbal punishment aka disagreement is an effective alternative. There is nothing morally wrong with corporal punishment provided that it is not cruel. I am not certain that laws against wife-beating are unjust, but I am strongly inclined to believe them to be your comment as presumably a woman make me more inclined to believe them to be unjust.

At a minimum, the husband must have the power under the law to bodily restrain his wife and the power to subdue her should she fight his restraint. My supposedly bad mental state or the supposed bad ulterior motives I have for posting the comment has nothing to do with the truth or falsity of my statements. What God creates is perfect in its essence since what God intends is perfect. What Aquinas perceived as deficit in accord with logical sequence does not contain the reality of the divine will. For example if his observation was absolute then women would no longer be women in heaven since all deficit will be removed in that glorified state.

In fact the feminine is a divinely instituted perfection that is retained and enhanced in heaven.

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Women remain women inclusive of feminine characteristics as is seen the most perfect of his creatures the Blessed Virgin Mary. At the risk of sounding rude, what exactly is the purpose of these unnecessarily long and often tangential posts in response to the various articles on this site? And what is your motivation in doing so on a regular basis?

Your efforts seem more focused on drawing attention to yourself than contributing to an intelligent discussion that moves the conversation forward, and that is really not appropriate for this context.

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I would encourage you to do some reflecting on this and to adjust the frequency, length, and content of your posts accordingly. Thank you for your comment Athanasius we are all condition to some degree by the circumstances of our life experiences, especially the difficult ones. I believe that I have something to say that is relative to the state of the Church today, in that the present Divine Mercy Image is blasphemous, as the elite within the Church continue to collude with the on-going breaking of the Second Commandment.

"Fruitfulness – from Barren to Blessed" / NATALINA SICILIA PT. 1

No one confronts my statement which gives conclusive information on the breaking of this Commandment while none agree with it, why? Possibly may long posts relate to the frustration induced by the avoidance of this unanswered question.

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  5. I am uneducated leaving school at fifteen unable to read or write, to day I possibly would be classed as dyslexic. I would agree that my posts can be convoluted possible stemming from insecurity, in that I am not been understood. If you have read all my posts on the site over the last six weeks you will be aware that I have been isolated As in been an outsider and suffered induced tortured silence, for over thirty five years. From my prospective your comment is not rude but I have to ask myself are you attacking the singer rather than the song as comments that do not challenge can be seen as self-serving Ingratiating.

    Brokenness and Fruitfulness - Calvary Pentecostal Church

    Thank you William for your comment, perhaps you could give me your motive for making your suggestion, so that I may make a suitable response. A servant of God has given a fascinating, watershed, aha; mighty truth that sets free. It is also a rarely encountered illumination of spiritual motherhood, which holds up a mirror to society to show how widespread the silent illiteracy has become. But wisdom is in the body, already, always there, waiting… Writing like this sets the stage for what can only be a permanent recovery of humanity, the coming of the kingdom, because if these perfect truths are all grasped and accepted at human atomic levels, the enemy is done.

    Hence the attacks upon them.

    Dying to Self Is Never “Pretty”

    This is an example of the morally bankrupt thought infecting many of our bishops. A compromise between good and evil that under the guise of social justice promotes evil. If we identify discrimination with opposition to the advancement of sexually abominable behavior we in fact promote sexually abominable behavior.

    here The few outspoken orthodox bishops must address this travesty, oppose it and counter Vatican appointed Cardinals Cupich, Farrell, Tobin who enforce a destructive policy of moral duplicity. Kevin, How do you explain the crucifix? There is a man nailed to it. And that is the sacrificial image. Christ as a human has a sex: male. He is not sexless. Thank you Bruce for your comment Our Father gave of Himself in sending His Son and this giving continues with the loving response of His Son, in His humanity and in in the Spirit to the Father and for us.

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    Wonderful article! We are powerful through our co-operation with Almighty God. If you want to be dirt, please go ahead. I, and other women, refuse. Your opinion of women makes into stupid, weak, passive, cowards, helplessly waiting for men to do things to us. Your kind of woman never creates, never acts, never thinks.