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In fact, it costs half as much as the next cheapest option. And that sits well with lots of shoppers, if you'll pardon my amazing pun. You can buy more filler "beans" separately. Pros: Great low price, comes in several colors, tear-resistant material. The average bean bag chairs is only a part of our lives for a few years at most.

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Maybe it was a prized part of the playroom in childhood or a constant companion in the corner of the dorm room in college, but more often than not, it's the bean bag chair that gets the boot during a move, a room redecoration, or when its seam splits open and spills little bits of polystyrene all over the place. First, this meticulously well-made quilted cover and durable interior sack are not going to tear unless you stab the thing with a knife, which you really should avoid doing.

And second, you're not going to toss this bean bag chair whether you're refreshing a room or moving across the country.

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This is high-quality commitment furniture, and it comes with a commensurate price tag. The Pouch has a soft, textured quilting on much of the exterior, making it a comfortable and eye-catching seat.

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It's large enough for a couple to share if they're fine with intimacy or for a parent to use with child on lap, but this bean bag chair is at its best when a single adult sinks in for a good long sit. And to give you an idea of its quality, the chair is backed by a three-year warranty!

Connie Chen on our Insider Picks team tested it out and was pleasantly surprised by how much she liked it. A product tester from WanderWithWonder called the Pouch " big enough to fit a grown adult or several kids," while a writer from GoodbyeNormal loved that its "cover is completely removable and machine washable.

Pros: Stylish and comfortable, superior construction, machine washable cover. This bean bag chair, which is named "David" for some reason that I don't understand but with which I have no issues, measures nearly eight feet long. Take a minute and go measure your couch.

TammyJo Eckhart

Which is bigger? I thought so. Now dive face first onto your couch and see if you settle down into it as though it were one giant ball of fluff and comfort.

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  • How did that go? The David Bean Bag Lounger is perfect for the couple looking for a unique seating arrangement they can share.

    Product Details

    It's also great for the family with three kids or the household where the children constantly have friends cycling through. And of course, this massive, soft, bean bag chair is a luxury when enjoyed by a single reclining adult. The microsuede cover resists tears and punctures while a double zipper design keeps the beads inside where they belong yet allows you to open the bag up to add more beads or remove some as needed for custom comfort.

    For the record, if eight feet is just more bean bag chair than you need, the company also makes a six-foot option that's still large enough for two as well as a five-footer that's perfect for one person who likes his or her space. A customer named Kimberly says "we love this bean bag" and also praised the brand's customer service experience.

    Beyond The Softness Of his Fur (Part 2) by TammyJo Eckhart

    Another gentleman said he loved the "huge" bean bag chair and found it "very easy to take a nap" on. Pros: Suitable for multiple users, available in several sizes, eco-friendly recycled foam filling. If you're looking to add some seating to your child's bedroom, the family den, or basically anywhere else in your house, the GoMoji Emoji Kids Bean Bag chair is a great choice for the smaller members of the family. As it weighs less than five pounds, you can easily move this bright and charming bean bag chair all around the house as needed.

    The Nebuly Coat, by John Meade Falkner

    She has been a leader in several BDSM organizations ranging from the AppleMunch to two difference university groups Conversio Virium and Headspace as well as a private support group for tops. She loves visiting conventions as well as organizations to read, sell books, or offer her experience and insights on various topics in the form of lectures or workshops. He begins as a sex pet but quickly grows to be something much more in a future of genetic engineering and government censorship. Words: 54, Language: English.

    Published: July 7, by Circlet Press.

    Domme Emily Potter and her brilliant submissive pet—white fox morph Wynn—bring their edgy, sexy love story to a thrilling conclusion, navigating the complex path of their own unique relationship in an increasingly dangerous world that does not understand them. Emily desires a male pet that is both exotic and submissive—yet all of her expectations are exceeded with Wynn, a beautiful white fox morph with a desire to please his new Master and an unusual intelligence that intrigues her.

    But the soulful wisdom that makes Wynn so special is a challenge to the morph-culture status quo and could ultimately spell disaster for both Master and pet. She has been a leader in several BDSM organizations ranging from the AppleMunch to two difference university groups Con- versio Virium and Headspace as well as a private support group for tops.